Is The Bottom of Your Designer Purse Cleaner Than the Bottom of Your Shoes?

Posted on August 28, 2014


If you do not use a purse hanger, maybe not.

When you come home after a night on the town,

think before you set your designer handbag on your dining room table.

Purse hanger

Bangle bracelet that doubles as a purse hanger

Remember all the places you were earlier in the night (and all day for that matter)? Driving to work: where did you put your precious handbag? Maybe the seat next to you was full of papers for work or your lunch, so you set it on the floor of the passenger seat. Or are you fortunate enough to take the bus or other public transportation to work, so you can relax and not fight traffic? I am sure those seats have more than their share of germs and who knows what else.

You get to work and set your purse under your desk, right where your feet are all day too. In the company restroom, was there a place to hang your designer purse or did you just set it on the floor? When was the last time that floor was sparkly and clean? How many times have you been in a public restroom and the purse hanger is broken or non-existent? Don’t you really wish you had a purse hook to at least hang it on the door?

OK, so now it is lunchtime and you take a break. If you head to a sit down restaurant, what has been on that floor all morning; or since it was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized? If you set your handbag on the table, there will not be room for the food; plus that is certainly not sanitary, considering where your purse has been. Then you remember the last time your handbag was on a table and someone spilled a drink on it. After deciding not to place it on the table, you decide to hold your purse in your lap or maybe hang the handle over your knee. When you stand up, your designer handbag falls on the floor anyway. So much for that idea, as you wish you had that purse hanger.

Designer purses and purse hooks

Check out the fun designs and colors of designer handbags made locally in Minnesota


So after a tough day at work, you are thinking of a happy hour with the girls or dinner out with your hubby. I was actually in a really nice restaurant in Mexico and the waiter placed a stand next to your side of the table specifically for women’s handbags. It was a nice idea, but really took up a lot of space, plus other customers kept tripping over or bumping into the stand. Some restaurants have a coat hanger in the aisle between booths, but I wouldn’t trust hanging your designer handbag there. It would be in plain site for some thief to grab your purse and run.


Some bars do have handbag hooks under the bar, but they are too far apart. Most bar owners are more concerned about design of their bar than the practicality of having enough purse hooks. The old antic “out of sight, out of mind” holds true here. How many times have you walked a few feet away and then suddenly tried to remember where you left your purse? And you never want to set it on the back of your chair on the stool next to you. In a crowded bar someone could easily walk off with your handbag, when you turn your back, without anyone noticing.


Your purse hanger is also a fun Gold crystal bangle bracelet


Pink purse hanger

Hot pink #PurseHook that is also a bracelet

Travel Luggage Plus has the answers to all these problems. They have a unique bangle bracelet that doubles as a purse hanger. It even has a third use as a handbag accessory since it latches onto your purse strap when you grab your handbag from the table. Your purse will always be safely at your side and easily accessible. There are a variety of colors and styles to match your outfit and your mood. So never forget your purse hanger because it is part of your jewelry collection. As you choose your earrings and necklace, grab your bangle bracelet to match and you are ready to face the day…and night. Pick several for different outfits and always have your handbag and purse hook close at hand and protected.