Designer Handbag Shopping At Home Depot?

Posted on June 14, 2014


Guys…here are 5 inventive steps to shop for your gal – starting at Home Depot

Designer Purse

Designer Handbag Shopping starting at Home Depot?

Men, are you at a loss when it comes to unique gifts for your significant other? Do you want to surprise your gal with a nice personal gift that she will love? How about a great designer handbag, a pair of shoes, a nice blouse or skirt? So why am I suggesting to start shopping at Home Depot? Read on…

1. Check out her closet

Take a peak at her closet and find one of her favorite items or something she just bought. Whether it is an article of clothing or a hot pair of shoes, or other fashion accessory; try to figure out if she has a few things that match it. Make a note of her sizes, colors and favorite styles.

Maybe she only has one favorite designer black leather handbag that she matches to all her outfits. Won’t she be surprised when you show up with the perfect gift of a colorful designer handbag or fashion accessory that matches her favorite outfit?

 2. Pay attention to subtle hints from her.

Is there something that she has had for awhile that she complains that she has absolutely nothing that matches it? Does she have a favorite style or size of designer purses that she especially likes? If you are computer savvy, you could even check out her Pinterest or Polyvore pages. If you trust her girlfriends to keep it quiet, ask them for advice on her favorite fashion accessory or designer handbag fashion.

3. Sneak this fashion accessory out of the house

Whatever item you find; a designer handbag, a jacket, her favorite pair of      shoes or other fashion accessory and put it in a bag and sneak it out of the house.    Next, head to Home Depot. She will not suspect you are shopping for her when you mention that you are heading over to Home Depot.

4.Go to the paint department at Home Depot

Take this fashion accessory out of your bag and find a paint chip that matches it (or compliments it). This is more difficult than it sounds, so compare a lot of the different hues to come up with a good match for this article of clothing or fashion accessory. If you need to ask for help, go for it.

The workers in this department know their stuff. You don’t need to go into much detail. If they question your motives, just tell them she wants to paint a room and this is the color. Or if you want them to realize what a thoughtful guy you are, go ahead and tell them that you are going to surprise your wife with a designer purse or fashion accessory to match her favorite outfit.


 5. Go to the mall or shop online

Hopefully, when you checked out her closet, you wrote down her sizes. Check any notes you took from ideas from her friends. Now the fun begins.! For the moment, forget about just a designer black leather handbag that goes with everything. Astonish her with a colorful designer purse along with a fun purse hook to match. Check out these great choices at Travel Luggage Plus for designer handbags and purse hooks.

Take a look around her favorite shopping stores or ask one of the expert sales associates; they are very helpful. Show them the swatch or swatches that you got from the paint department. My guess is that the sales associate will be very impressed with your insight. If you really would rather not shop the malls, you can always shop fashion accessories or handbags online. Whether it is a fun new designer handbag, a stylish new pair of shoes or a fun blouse or scarf; she will love your new approach to shopping for her.


She will be thrilled when you present her with your most thoughtful gift. 

Now you can share with her your great idea of starting your next shopping adventure at Home Depot. Maybe shopping together is not so bad anymore when you can start at Home Depot. Next time, you may even be able to get yourself some new tools or a new grill before heading to the shopping mall and help her pick out some jewelry or other fashion accessory.