Travel Safety Tips 2nd Edition: My Top 4 Tips For A Worry Free Vacation

Posted on May 21, 2013


Every one wants to have a worry free vacation, but there are many things that can make or break a vacation. Practicing a few travel safety tips will greatly improve your trip. Several circumstances that could “break” a trip are; when there’s an accident, some things are lost or stolen, some one gets hurt, or some other tragedy.  Illness or accidents are difficult to avoid,  (travel insurance can help in those instances), but there are ways to help make your vacation safer. Taking precautions ahead of time (and during) to have a safe vacation, can’t guarantee a perfect vacation, but hopefully it can keep it from going to “Hell”.

If you haven’t read my first blog on travel safety, I strongly suggest you do. Even if you have, I’m going to repeat a few crucial items. I previously talked about travel insurance, but there are so many things you can do to have a safe vacation.  Here are my top four tips for a worry free vacation.

1) Be Aware – Plan ahead, know were you are going, but most important; be aware. Know your surroundings; keep an eye out for what’s going on around you. Do not wear headphones; you also need to hear what’s going on around you. Thieves and pickpockets are watching you, so don’t be an easy target.

Be Aware!

Practice travel safety

2) Wear a money belt, and only carry what you need. Put most of your money, credit cards, and ID in the money belt. If you need something out of the belt, don’t take it out where others might see. Go into a restroom or somewhere private. Take out only the cash or one credit card you will need in the next hour or so. The same thing goes for your passport. Try to find a passport holder that has a cut resistant strap. For women, always try and keep your handbag in front of you. It is easy to get distracted while sightseeing or shopping.  So if your favorite designer black leather handbag is slung behind you; it is a prime target for a thief to “grab and run”. For men, put your wallet in your front pocket; you can even put a rubber band around it so you are more likely to notice if it is being taken. My husband has an old wallet full of those promotional cardboard credit cards in it, along with $1 bill.  He keeps in his back pocket just to tempt the thieves. I think he’s actually disappointed that no one has taken it. He would love to see the look on their face when they see they only got fake cardboard credit cards and a whopping one-dollar bill.

3) Pack a cable or rope. If you are traveling with several pieces of luggage bring along a rope or cable. That way if you are in an area (like at the airport) where it’s hard to keep control of several bags, you can put the cable through the handles. This will make it harder for someone to take one of your bags. Practice good travel safety sense and it will become second nature.

4) Be aware of Travel Scams; there are always new ones popping up.  Never give your credit card number over the phone unless you were the one who initiated the call. For example, if you get a call and the person says they are with the hotel and ask you to give them your credit card number again, because their computers went down; do not give it. Go down and check with the front desk, or call them. A new travel scam that’s been used at hotels around the country is where some one puts a menu under your door for a pizza delivery store.  You call the number, order a pizza and give your credit card number. The number isn’t connected to any pizza parlor. You never get your pizza, but they now have your credit card number. If you find a flyer either on your car or under your door, always check with the hotel. They will refer you to a legitimate restaurant.

Don't always trust this

Watch out for pizza delivery notices slipped under your hotel door

Whether it’s Travel Safety or Travel Scams, there are things you can do to protect yourself.  Plan ahead; be actively aware of what’s happening around you. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your instincts and don’t forget the old adage “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is”.  Practice good travel safety tips and you will enjoy your vacation more! For more blogs on travel related issues and tips on buying discounted designer handbags check out Travel Luggage Plus.