Travel – Is A Las Vegas Vacation Right For Me?

Posted on May 5, 2012


Is a Vegas vacation right for me? Should I stay Down Town  or on the Las Vegas Strip?  Vegas has something for just about everybody. You don’t even have to gamble to enjoy it there. I pretty much love, just about everything Las Vegas;  But will you?Lights in Las Vegas

So, ask yourself,  do I like gambling, shopping, fine dining, world-class entertainment, spas, five-star hotels…or nice inexpensive hotels, free entertainment, people watching, relaxing by the pool, and just going somewhere that I can let loose?  If you said yes to any one of these, you can do it in Las Vegas. You can pack your luggage full of fun, classy clothes for the clubs, and have a different party outfit every day. Or plan to go shopping and find new designer handbags, shoes and clothes for your new adventures. Just make sure you will have room in your suitcases for the trip home. Your carry on luggage may be fuller than you think on your return trip.

Airfare and Hotels:

If you are traveling on your first Vegas vacation, get a package deal that combines airfare & hotel.  Not only will you get more bang for your buck, but because of the competition between hotels & airlines, you should be able to get a great deal.  By using a travel agent who is familiar with Las Vegas, not only will they help get you the best deal, but they can help you decide where in Vegas to stay.

You most likely have never been anywhere that is like “Las Vegas”.  So be ready for sensory overload – even at the airport.  The minute you get off the plane, you  will see slot machines at the gate area.  On the way to get your travel luggage, there will be a ton of great shops.  There are lights and slot machine noises everywhere. Just about every casino, show, shopping mall, and attraction will have a sign somewhere in the airport telling you that “it’s the greatest (fill in the blank) in the Las Vegas area“.  You should be able to find one that you will agree is the greatest.  The question is, what’s right for you?

So before you go, decide what is important to you?  Gambling, shopping, shows, sighting seeing, world-class restaurants, or a little of everything.  My suggestion is do a little of everything.


Decide how much you can afford to lose, then divide that amount by the number of days you are there.  Las Vegas was not built by winners.  This does not mean you will lose, but the odds are against you.  The way I look at it is that there is a cost  to almost all entertainment.  I enjoy gambling, so as long as I haven’t lost more than I can afford, I’ve had fun.  Plus there’s the possibility that you can win, or at least come out even. If I come out even at the end of a day, I feel it was great entertainment.


Even though you don’t really need anything…shopping in Vegas is an experience you won’t likely forget for quite awhile.  Most of the major Casinos on the strip have a shopping mall.  Plus there are strip malls, outlet centers, specialty shops, and the famous “Fashion Mall” (if they don’t have it, it’s probably not available anywhere in town) .  At least check out a couple of these.  Not only will this give you a break from the casinos, but it’s a great place to people watch. For me gambling is great, but people watching comes in a close second.

Entertainment and Food:

Las Vegas has world-class entertainment and restaurants. Whatever your taste in food is, Las Vegas will have it.  You can spend a lot of money and see some of the best shows in the world, and eat some of the best prepared food anywhere.  If that’s what you are into, that’s great.  You can also see a lot of entertainment that’s free, and eat at some very good restaurants that are not very expensive. Check out the local happy hours for great prices and food.

So, go to Las Vegas with an open mind, and see and do a little of everything.  That way you will know if it’s for you.  If you discover that it is; then next time you go, you will either know what you want to do…

Bellagio Fountains

Free sights to see on your Las Vegas vacation

Or try to do the things you missed the first time.  I’ve been there at least 15 times, and on more than one occasion for at least a week.  There are still places to go and things to do that I have not experienced.  One of these day’s I will convince my other half to go for two weeks.

What are your favorite things to do in Vegas? Do you have a favorite restaurant or casino? What is your best “people watching story? I would love to hear from you! Happy Traveling.