What is your handbag personality?

Posted on July 18, 2011


Do you need a purse with lots of nooks and crannies? Or do you need pockets to organize so you know where your keys go, where your cell phone is, where your lipstick belongs; and can grab whatever is needed at a moment’s notice? Are you so organized that you have those little organizers within a purse – one that can be transferred from one purse to the next every time you change your mind on what outfit to where?  Or are all the contents of your handbag piled into one compartment, and you need to dump the whole bag out in order to find anything?

I like to keep a small organizer bag filled with the essentials that I need for any handbag;

  • comb
  • lipstick & lip gloss
  • eye drops
  • one extra credit card
  • a little cash
  • a few business cards
  • a pen
  • and a notebook.
  • Even a couple of toothpicks, a cough drop or two are handy to have on hand.

This way, I just need to grab my driver’s license from my current purse, and throw everything into a smaller purse (to match my outfit) for an evening out.  It is never a good idea to have your handbag with all your cash, all your credit cards etc. when hitting a club or public place where your handbag could be grabbed and stolen.  Find lots of choices of designer handbags filled with pockets and zippers at www.travelluggageplus.com

Does your designer handbag have to match your outfit, or do you use the same purse until it is ragged, falling apart and ready for the garbage?  I do sometimes get by with a brown purse to match tans, creams and brown outfits…or a black handbag to match most others.  But I do have to match gold trim handbags with gold jewelry and silver trim handbags with silver jewelry.  When heading out for a night on the town, it is rare that I don’t pick out my outfit, then my purse, and lastly…my jewelry.

What’s your personality in handbags? As shockingly wild as you can find? Do you prefer as plain and drab colors as you can find, so that it will match any outfit you pick out?  Or do you absolutely need a different purse for every outfit? How many purses do you own…2, 5, 10, 25…or 100 or even more?

Whatever your handbag personality…make it your own!  Don’t let others talk you into a handbag or purse that doesn’t bring out what YOU want to say about yourself.  Be yourself and show a little pizzazz to show them what you are made of.  Even if you have many ho-hum purses in your closet…get shopping and find a few handbags that really say who you are and show your “handbag personality”.

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