Stress free packing for your vacation; Travel luggage tips

Posted on June 13, 2011


  • Pack a day or two ahead of time, if you can. If you are not stressed to remember everything at once, you can feel more organized. You always think of last minute items.

  • Separate your clothes when traveling with someone, or put in separate pieces of luggage. That way if one piece gets lost or delayed, you can get by for awhile.
  • Also separate valuables; cash, traveler’s checks, jewelry and such. If traveling with someone, have each others receipts for traveler’s checks. If you lose some or heaven for bid, get robbed; you will hopefully still have some cash/ traveler’s checks, etc. in a different place. You can get your reimbursement since you have the receipts.  Never, never keep the receipts with the checks.
  • If you travel a lot: make a list on the computer of basic items and blank items at the end of the list. Print out before each trip to check off and  to fill in the blanks for your current vacation.
  • Use zip locks to double bag any liquids like shampoo, lotions, etc. in case of breakage or lose covers.  Air pressure can do funny things to bottles. Save and re-use zip locks.
  • Make a large (8 1/2″ x 11″) piece of paper with your name and phone number on it. You can also put in a copy of your itinerary. Place INSIDE your checked luggage. If your travel luggage is ever delayed or lost, they can at least contact you or forward your suitcase to your next stop on your vacation.  It is not a bad idea to have one in your carry on, in case the overheads are full and you need to check your carry on bag.
  • Make sure your checked bags have a COVERED tag with your name/address/phone number on it. With a hidden cover, it is not visible unless you lift the cover.  With an open tag, a con could see your address, know you are on vacation, and make a visit to your unoccupied home.
  • Make good use of small spaces. For example, put socks inside of shoes. Use socks as cushions around delicate items like a curling iron or over shoes to protect them.
  • Put valuables in your carry-on luggage; jewelry, prescriptions, credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks, cameras, computers, etc.
  • Have one change of clothes in your carry on luggage in case you have an unexpected lay-over or lost piece of  luggage.
  • Pick up a TSA approved locking luggage strap (or several). Make it a bright color so you can recognize your bag when picking up your bags.  The lock gives you extra security, but the strap will give you extra protection (and piece of mind) in case your luggage is damaged or zippers break etc. We always put 2 straps, one each way, and put a self tightening zip strip that can be cut when you reach your vacation destination
  • Use a TSA approved lock. If airport personnel need to check your luggage, they can without destroying a personal lock.
  • Take a deep breath and enjoy your vacation. If you checked your list, you should be ready to go. All major items are there; any last minute items you may have forgotten can always be purchased once you get to your vacation destination.
  • About the author:  Carole and her husband, Dan love to travel and keep a journal on each and every trip they take. Dan is the ultimate packer, always coming up with space saving, new exciting tips or unusual new ideas for travel luggage tips. We have your travel needs covered.  Their love of travel brought them to build their website  travel luggage, travel, traveling, travelers checks, vacation, carry on bag, carry-on bag, TSA approved, TSA, TSA approved locking luggage strap